Cyprus under siege: predictions

In my previous article, I presented my observations about the Cyprus issue and tried to analyze the current state of the problem.

Now I will share with you my predictions about the Cyprus negotiations that are likely to gain momentum starting in early 2013 due to the fact that the European Union term presidency will change hands and the center-right DISY (Democratic Rally) leader, Nicos Anastasiades, is very likely to win the Greek Cypriot elections slated for February.

Anastasiades may be expected to be more moderate and relatively more open to reconciliation than the current Greek leadership, but I must note that his leadership wouldn’t be the sole decisive factor on the Greek side concerning the efforts to tackle the Cyprus issue. First of all, we should never forget that 76 percent of the Greek Cypriots said “no” to the Annan plan in the 2004 referendum. Unfortunately, the portion of naysayers currently exceeds 80 percent. Worse still, the “no” trend is much more popular among young Greek Cypriots.


This excerpt was taken from Today’s Zaman. For the full article please visit here.