Obama defeats the Israel Lobby

As long as Israel’s security is not put at risk – “and no president would put it at risk” – the president will prevail.

In 1983 or thereabouts, during my four year stint at AIPAC, the powerful organisation that is the main component of the pro-Israel lobby, I asked Tom Dine, its executive director, if a president of the United States could ever successfully challenge Israel’s behaviour even in cases when US national security interests were clearly at stake.

My question related specifically to the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza that began in 1967 and which seemingly made an Israeli-Palestinian agreement impossible. It also was, as it is now, the primary source of Arab and Muslim anger against the United States.

The reason for my question was my fear that the power of the lobby was such that a president could not prevail against it.



This excerpt was taken from Al Jazeera. For the full article, please visit here.