Foreing Policy in the Press

Foreing Policy in the Press

Turkey ‘with or without’ EU

Murat Yetkin If anyone wants to explain the relationship between the European Union and Turkey with a song, they could use U2’s “With or Without You” considering its half a century of painful history. But yesterday, Feb. 5, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan told a group of journalists on his way from Prague to Budapest […]

Frustration with EU

Yusuf Kanlı The current Turkish political team has anti-European Union roots. It is an Islamist political clan different from the “nationalist view” of the late Necmettin Erbakan, who was staunchly against the EU. At the very center of the political identity of this Islamist political clan lies concrete opportunism mixed with pragmatism. Yet, despite its […]

Al-Qaida: how great is the terrorism threat to the west now?

In the aftermath of the Algerian hostage crisis, David Cameron issued an ominous warning of the continued threat from terrorism. But is al-Qaida more, or less, dangerous than before? Last week the world took another step towards succumbing to an existential threat. Again. Speaking in the aftermath of the spectacular seizure and siege of an […]

Positive signal from EU in Turkey’s membership talks

A positive signal came on Monday from the informal ministerial meeting of the EU to open new chapter headings with Turkey. Turkish Minister of EU Affairs and chief negotiator Egemen Bağış on Monday attended the informal meeting of EU ministers held under the auspices of the current EU term president, Ireland, in Dublin. Bağış met […]

Obama defeats the Israel Lobby

As long as Israel’s security is not put at risk – “and no president would put it at risk” – the president will prevail. In 1983 or thereabouts, during my four year stint at AIPAC, the powerful organisation that is the main component of the pro-Israel lobby, I asked Tom Dine, its executive director, if […]

Turkey-EU: A proposal from Britain?

The British historian and author Norman Stone answered a few questions in The Independent last week. About Turkey’s eventual accession to the European Union, he said, “If the Turks really want EU membership, they can take ours,” meaning that the United Kingdom should leave the EU and the latter must fill the gap with Turkey. […]

Cyprus under siege: predictions

In my previous article, I presented my observations about the Cyprus issue and tried to analyze the current state of the problem. Now I will share with you my predictions about the Cyprus negotiations that are likely to gain momentum starting in early 2013 due to the fact that the European Union term presidency will […]

Iran’s Plan B in Syria

Iran’s support is a major dynamic in the explanation of the survival in Syria of the Assad regime. Iran supports Syria financially and is on the ground in different ways, from training militia to sending special troops. Iran’s interest in Syria is a strategic one that is also the result of a complex historical background. […]

2013’e doğru (2)

2013’te ekonomimizi etkileyecek koşulların önemli bir kısmını biz kontrol edemediğimiz için farklı senaryolar gerekiyor. 2013’e ilişkin tahminleri, ekonomimizi etkileyecek koşullardan bağımsız oluşturmak mümkün değil. Bu koşulların önemli bir kısmını ise biz kontrol etmiyoruz. Bu nedenle farklı senaryolar oluşturmak gerekiyor. ‘Temel senaryom’ şöyle: ABD’de Demokratlarla Cumhuriyetçiler sonuçta uzlaşacaklar. Böylelikle maliye politikası uçurumuna düşülmeyecek ve ABD yanlış […]

New-wave economies going for growth

As even Brics plateau, other countries, from Bangladesh to Mexico, are coming up fast – and could overtake the west by 2050. They are big. They have young and growing populations. They have invested in infrastructure and education. And they are growing at the sort of rates that make them the envy of the recession-hobbled […]