Turkey-EU: A proposal from Britain?

The British historian and author Norman Stone answered a few questions in The Independent last week.

About Turkey’s eventual accession to the European Union, he said, “If the Turks really want EU membership, they can take ours,” meaning that the United Kingdom should leave the EU and the latter must fill the gap with Turkey.

Maybe the most critical part of his answer was “if the Turks really want the membership.” That means Stone, as many other people, including in Turkey, is not at all convinced that Ankara really desires to become a member of the union. He has also emphasized that the Cyprus issue is used as a pretext by Europe to rebuff Turkey. This is a way of saying that Turkey is perfectly entitled to become a member state, but the deadlock in Cyprus is not helping. One may ask why Turkey has still not extended its customs union to Cyprus; but then one also has to ask why the Greek part of the island has been accepted into the union before a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus issue and why the EU hasn’t kept its promises to Northern Cyprus.

This excerpt was taken from Today’s Zaman. For the full article, please visit here.